5 Simple Steps To Success

There are 5 simple steps that keep us in motion to an even more successful life.

After all, if something is not growing, it’s dying. Think about it. If your plant on your desk or at home is not growing, it’s dying. It’s also true for us- by growing here, we mean spiritually not physically. Just to be clear 🙂

What is Clearing?

This is getting rid of the “emotional noise” we all have at one time or another. If it goes on for too long, it becomes the “background radiation” of our lives. The overall “tone” of our emotional beliefs will colour every aspect of our lives. Clearing that tone, will transform your life.

What is Clarity all about?

Clarity is knowing why your alive and breathing right now. They say the two most important days in our lives are when we’re born and when we find out why. This process will give you the answer. Not because we have it. You do. It’s buried in you, like an unexpected jewel in your heart. Knowing this mission to Earth, whatever it is, will help you get through the tough times. It’ll help you define what your passion is, your career, who to help, even how you’ll help others. We are far more motivated to do things if it benefits others. It’s is literally hard-wired into our DNA. If that’s the case, and it is, use it to your advantage.

Why Compassion?

There is plenty of unkindness in the world. I’m sure if you’ve been through struggles yourself, you may not have been kind to you, or others you care about. That comes from uncleared emotions, hence clearing is the first step. But to continue growing, we need to learn to forgive, be grateful and above all be kinder to ourselves and others. Imagine a world if everyone was just 10% kinder (however you measure that), what would that world be like? So let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

The Next Steps

Without consistency of action, change won’t happen or be lasting. It’s kind of like learning a new skill, let’s say high jump. Of course the first time you’re unlikely to be able to jump over the high bar. It takes consistent practice. If you start and practice for a few weeks then stop, and come back a year later, you won’t suddenly be able to jump the high bar. Life is the same.

The beauty of this process is that change happens as a natural result you don’t need to do anything other than the previous steps. What will happen is you’ll get up one day, look back, even after a remarkably short time, and say “Wow! I’ve changed so much since then!” How do we know this? Because it’s the same story everyone has, no matter what you do, as long as it’s something aligned with improving you.

However, in this day and age we both addicted to complexity (if it is not complex we tend to disbelieve it) and at the same time we won’t do something unless it’s simple. Hence, the 5 Simply Success Steps. They’re compexity-free and simple to practice and succeed with. Guaranteed. Really. If you use this process, you’re life will change for the better. But it takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s so worth it.