The Power of Simplicity

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Find Greater Lightness By Weeding Out Negative Beliefs
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The Tipping Point of Change

If you’ve reached a point of being really serious about change, you’ve come to a very good place. Please tick as many as you like that brought to this point in your life: (Don’t worry, this information is only displayed, not stored anywhere)



Money & Career

Acknowledging what brought you to this point in your life is a powerful starting point.


What Do You Want More Of?

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Knowing what you want is another powerful tool to help you take action in the direction that will give it to you.

Benefits for you:

  • Reclaim Your Natural Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Learn How to Easily Handle Difficult Emotions
  • Become Less Reactive to Things that Happen to You
  • Learn How to Express Your Emotions Clearly to Yourself
  • Develop More Mindfulness
  • Find A Deep Wellspring of Passion in Your Life
Given this is about simplicity, we’ll cut straight to the chase- no fancy gimmicks or smooth sales pitches- either you can see the value or you’re not ready for it yet.

The book costs US$37 and $7 for shipping and handling.

(On average people drink 1.6 coffees a day, so that’s 48 coffees a month give or take. The book is the price of only 17 coffees. Plus by learning the techniques here, you may need less coffee to handle stressful days)

What you also get when you buy the book, free, is a digital copy of Volume 2, which has a huge set of resources and information on topics including:

  • Dealing with Procrastination
  • Using Dreamboards
  • Managing Time
  • Keeping Fit
  • Wellness in terms of diet, sex and inspiration
  • Tools for the Road Ahead:
    • For business owners (money stress contributes massively to relationship, health and personal problems)
    • Finance, Wealth and Economics
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Planning & Strategic Skills

All of these resources, the author has direct, personal experience with and uses the information provided himself and in his trainings.

I recently picked up your book on “The Power of Simplicity” to read. It was inspiring yet practical. In fact, it’s a much needed boost for me at this point of my life. So much fear and negativity around me with every spectrum of life. Anyway, thank you for the great yet simple formula disclosed in the book.

Victoria Lu, Securities Commission

All for just US$37

See? Promised no sales gimmicks.

Self Esteem Tip: Do it because you promised you would. Seriously. If you keep your promises, as much as you can, your self-esteem will soar.

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“This insightful masterpiece powerfully combines the fundamental principles of ‘how humans work’ with simple hands-on exercises allowing you to live the life of your design! Anthony, you inspire me!”

Michael Petersen, Denmark

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Contents of The Book (vol 1):pos-cover-small

(Total Pages: 143)

  • Welcome
  • Ready to Start Living?
  • Why Good People Do Bad Things
  • How the Mind Works
  • How to “Get Out of My Head” and Into My Heart
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Finding Clarity
    • Finding Value
    • Your Mission to The Earth
    • A Life of Service
    • Your Vision
    • What is Your Personality?
    • Negative Beliefs
      • Justifying
      • Complaining
      • Blaming
      • Justifying, Blaming and Complaining = Victim
    • Gossip and Social Reputation
    • We Carry Our Past Within
    • What Emotions Mean
      • Anger
      • Anxiety
      • Apathy
      • Boredom
      • Confusion
      • Depression
      • Emptiness or Numbness
      • Hatred
      • Insecurity
      • Melancholy
      • Panic
      • Rage
      • Breaking Emotional Habits
      • Emotions are Energy
      • Dealing with Grief and other Deep Emotions
    • How to have a Fantastic Day, Any Day, Every Day
  • Happiness Recipe
  • Being Confident of Change
    • Our Personal Power
    • Triggers for Change
  • Being Ourselves – Looking in the Mirror
    • The Excuse Factory
  • Clearing Past Habits and Limits
  • Releasing Deep Patterns and Expectations
    • Guidelines for Releasing Statements
    • Advanced Releasing Work