Our courses are totally experiential. Which is a fancy word to say you see yourself in a totally different light because of things you do on our courses. At their core, all are about building self-esteem. Plus other necessary life skills, like communicatiing from the heart, being authentic, and most of all honouring your truth with kindness and gentle power.

Course Overview:

  • Each of the courses complement each other, but they can easily be taken individually.
  • Courses are intensive, all last 2 days, except Quantum Warrior lasts 3.5 days.
  • The core training process is Accelerated Experiential Learning which encourages a fun, participatory and goal driven training environment.

The HIL Programme :: Harmony + Integrity = Leadership

True leadership is really based on respect, clarity and trust, not the job title. These qualities are in all of us. In The HIL Programme we use a unique, holistic approach merging ancient wisdom from around the world, particularly the Inca Warrior tradition, with the discoveries of modern science to allow participants to experience a forgotten dimension to all of us. This, combined with practical, no nonsense games and exercises, these four days will provide each participant with an extraordinary proof of their own abilities to lead which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Teamwork Brilliance :: Teamwork and Commitment

Commitment and engagement are key requirements in business today. Yet so many companies have lack lustre teams, weak performance, low motivation and so they put more controls and systems in place in, but performance still does not improve... The problem is most people do not know how to work together. We provide two days of intensive games that really bring teamwork to the fore, by developing and applying the Team Code, teams achieve massive performance increases and less inter personal conflict, and plainly happier, more productive team mates.

Genius Thinking Now :: Critical Thinking Skills

Every successful businessman knows measurement is a key part of success. In this course, the participants will use the same processes that allowed NASA to put a man on the moon. They will be able to plan for the unknown, learn how to think strategically, clearly and meet objectives under pressure. We all can, we just need to learn how, this course teaches how.

Professional Presence :: Communication Excellence and Sincerity in any situation

The biggest fear most people have, even more than dying, is speaking in public. Yet, we are literally born communicators. Where did we lose that skill? In Professional Presence participants will see themselves in a totally new light- one that has participants referring to their experiences on this course for years afterwards. Professional Presence allows participants to re-discover their voice, whether they communicate to one person, or one thousand, they will learn to speak with sincerity and authenticity, no matter how good or bad their language skills are.

Clarity = Money :: Powerful, Simple Effective Marketing & Sales

Sales = income. Whilst we like to buy, no one likes to be sold to. On this course, participants will learn the secrets of sales success, simply by learning how to listen, clearly match their product or service to the needs of the buyer. “Find out what they want, go out and get it and give it to them”. Not only that, on this course, we teach the secrets of Corporate Account Management based on 20 years of managing corporate accounts from Europe, to Latin America, to the United States and Asia. These secrets of Sales and Corporate Accounts are not found anywhere else in Asia.

Emotional Peace Now :: Emotional Intelligence = Motivation + Critical Thinking = Success

Emotions. We sometimes love them, sometimes hate them, sometimes we wish we didn't have them. Yet we literally could not function without them. It has been proven using MRI scanners that emotional thought is the root of all actions we take. In this course we cover and provide deep, simple and powerful tools for Emotional Intelligence. Ask any successful stock broker, or trader and they will tell you the secret of their success is knowing how to handle their emotions. Our emotions are the most powerful force for change in our lives. In this course, the participants will learn to unlock the very best of them, to produce the very best in the professional and personal lives.

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