Emotional Peace Now

Create Emotional Peace Anywhere. At home. In traffic At work. Anywhere

Do you or your team need to:

  • Handle stressful situations?
  • Deal with crises or emergencies?
  • Be required to keep a cool head in a crisis
  • Resolve long standing emotional upsets that are affecting work or personallives

What’s special about this course?

  • Worldwide personal and professional lives are created or shattered by emotions. “Negative” emotions costs trillions of dollars in bad trading decisions, murders children in schools and that’s the stuff that makes it into the news. But quietly, lives are destroyed by emotional “illiteracy”. Why? Because we think emotions, well, just happen. Like the weather.
  • Nothing is further from the truth. Emotions are simply signals, the negative or positive ones of how “on track” we are in our lives. Suppressed emotions lead to physical diseases like cancer.
  • Hundreds of people have attended this event and in their words it’s “life changing”. Why? Because it is based on sound principles of heart and mind that allow us to clear emotional issues. The processes taught in this course can and do change lives for the better. People who thought they “just had to live with it” now find they are free to make better choices. Sounds good?

How will I benefit by attending?

  • Clear childhood traumas that are still affecting us today (unconsciously)
  • Be “whole” emotionally and free to live in more joy and peace
  • Learn to manage and grow inner resilience to deal with any adversity
  • Not take business or life personally- Learn to live the fullest with whatever situation you find yourself in.

Course Outline

Day 1 Day 2
  • Emotional Health Check
  • Identifying Personal Patterns and Trends
  • Emotional “Balancing” Checklist
  • How I see the world and others see me”
  • Dealing with Anger, Grief & Fear (I)
  • ~ Lunch ~
  • The Seven Languages
  • The “NOT” Exercise
  • Gratitude Exercise
  • Bucket List
  • Clearing Exercise
  • Emotional “Diet”
  • Resolving Apathy, Fear, Lust, Anger & Pride (II)
  • Clearing Diads
  • Handling Courageousness, Acceptance & Peace
  • ~ Lunch ~
  • The Power of Language
  • The Releasing Process
  • Releasing Exercise
  • Daily Success Strategy

NOTE: Course details may be altered at our discretion. Where possible, food will be catered for this event.

Training Size and Details

Corporate & Group rates available – Min: 15. Max: UNLIMITED. Really.