Genius Thinking

Want to think like Zhu Ge Liang , ibn Sina or Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci? You can. On this course.

Do you or your team need to:

  • Deal with a “Big Problem” and don't know how to solve it?
  • Learn the project management secrets NASA used to put a man on the moon?
  • Accurately forecast project resources and costs almost effortlessly?
  • Learn the key thinking strategies all geniuses use to solve problems?
  • Be able to spot and solve complex problems at work or at home?
  • Learn to see the Big Picture and rehearse the future?

Corporate & Group rates available - Min Pax: 15. Max: room size limit

What's special about this course?

  • Many think we are born with a given level of intelligence, like a bucket you can only get so much water into. This is absolutely wrong. Luminaries like Les Brown, Dr Joe Martini and many others prove this wrong. We are all hard-wired (in our brains) for brilliance. The problem is either we've been taught this is not true, or we simply don't have the right “thinking tools”.
  • This course IS the set of think tools and the ability to experience your own brilliance individually and in a group. As they say, together we are genius.
  • One unique aspect of the course, is the the participants can either choose, or the client can choose a specific area to use as the course exercises. Other clients have created things as diverse as Capital Market Master Plans, Go to Market Strategies, Product Development Objectives, 5 Year Corporate Plans and more besides.
  • The thinking skills used in the course are then learned by using them on a problem or obstacle that the organisation currently faces, and thus there is a greater commitment to solving the problem and the learning is directly relevant to their daily work.

How will I benefit by attending?

You will learn:

  • Simple, easy to understand and use thinking tools
  • Direct experience of you and your team's extraordinary skills (even under pressure)
  • A group project set of resources that will be of immediate value to your organisation or group, especially if it is related to your “Big Problem”!
Day 1 Day 2
Strategy = Thinking Clearly Followed By Doing Consistently with Courage PERT Exercises
Learning to Think “Big Picture” Scenario Planning
Influences: Trends, People & Geography Scenario Planning Exercises
Defining Success: When Do you know you've won? The 5 Thinking Steps Geniuses Use
The Dark Horse: Team Culture ~ Lunch ~
Applying the 5 Steps to Your Project or Company ~ Lunch ~
The Team Code Organic Thinking – We greater than the sum of our parts
Language & Projects: Success or Failure on your lips Pulling it All Together: Group Project
Introducing Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT) Group Presentation

NOTE: This training is carried out in English. Course details may be altered at our discretion.

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