Teamwork Brilliance

Transform Teamwork to Win! Wow The Boss! (and scare the cr@p out of the competition)

We all know teamwork is hard. Business would be so easy if there were no people involved. The reality is we need to work in teams and create them to win in business, or community efforts or even at home.

Do you need:

  • Teams that work well, know how to communicate and prioritise?
  • Teams that are about meeting the goal, not the internal politics?
  • Teams that are accountable to meeting goals?
  • Teams that can plan for and handle changes to the plan
  • Teams that simply work brilliantly

What’s special about this course?

  • This course is borne out of over 30 years of international business experience, stretching from the oil platforms of Latin America, to the businesses in Silicon Valley and the streets of London, to the deserts of the Middle East, to the Board rooms of Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. So the principles taught here work. They’ve been tested in in every major culture for decades./LI>
  • These principles have successfully run everything from a small business to global projects costing tens of millions of dollars. They work in all cases. Even yours.

How will I benefit by attending?

What you will learn:

  • Games are a reflection of reality – you will learn huge amounts about how you play the game of life and work
  • Learn and practice (repeatedly) Powerful Debrief Strategies for continuous improvement
  • Apply the principles of the Team Code and see the results
  • Create a clear teamwork blueprint and action plan for any type of teamwork activity

Course Outline

Day 1 Day 2
  • Building Winning Teams
  • Team Exercise
  • Team Game
  • Debrief Formula
  • Newton’s Laws of Teamwork
  • ~ Lunch ~
  • Teamwork Completion (I)
  • Team Debrief
  • Teamwork Diad
  • End of Session Journalling
  • Balloon Game
  • Team Debrief
  • Journalling Exercise
  • Team Competition (II)
  • Survivor Game (I)
  • Team Debrief
  • ~ Lunch ~
  • Survivor Game (II)
  • Teamwork Diad
  • Team Final Competition

Course details may be altered at our discretion.

Training Size and Details

Corporate & Group rates available – Min:15. Max: UNLIMITED. Really.