The Simply Success Method

Would you agree that right now the world needs more compassion, understanding and acceptance? Even if someone’s ideas are different from yours? In the view of Simply Success, we need a world where we are the change we want to see. This method is based on years worth of research, massive amounts of related scientific studies that back up the underlying principles of this, along with deep spiritual laws; Like the Law of Resonance and the Law of Cause and Effect. They’re like gravity. it’s true and it’s effects on your life are there whether you believe in it or not.

To create lasting change in our lives we need to use a process that works every time. There are two levels to this. The result is change. That happens as a natural outcome of the following the two levels.

The Core Belief of the Simply Success Method

You already have all the magnificence you need inside you. Think of someone you find truly inspiring. For me, it’s Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, jr. or Nelson Mandela. They were great examples of true humanity. You pick whomever works for you. A suggested yardstick for whom is a good role model, they would be someone who embraced all humanity fully and without judgment. Who sought to create a society based on unity rather than division.

Now heres’ the thing- because you recognize those qualities means you have them inside you too. You can’t recognize what you don’t understand. So if you’re inspired by them, you have those qualities. The only difference is they are consciously working from a level of awareness that allows them to live that way. They learned to let go of enough “junk” for that real, amazing self to shine through.

The job the of Simply Success Method is to support you in clearing away the debris from your own inner magnificence.

5 Simply Success Steps

There are 5 simple steps that help keep us moving forward in life.

After all, if something is not growing, it’s dying. Think about it. If your plant on your desk or at home is not growing, it’s dying. It’s also true for us- by growing here, we mean spiritually not physically. Just to be clear 🙂

Level 1 – Clarity & Clearing

This is getting rid of the “emotional noise” we all have at one time or another. If it goes on for too long, it becomes the “background radiation” of our lives. The overall “tone” of our emotional beliefs will colour every aspect of our lives. Clearing that tone, will transform your life.

Clarity is knowing why your alive and breathing right now. They say the two most important days in our lives are when we’re born and when we find out why. This process will give you the answer. Not because we have it. You do. It’s buried in you, like an unexpected jewel in your heart. Knowing this mission to Earth, whatever it is, will help you get through the tough times. It’ll help you define what your passion is, your career, who to help, even how you’ll help others. We are far more motivated to do things if it benefits others. It’s is literally hard-wired into our DNA. If that’s the case, and it is, use it to your advantage.

The Clearing process has two parts:

Part 1 – Clearing Out The Noise

This process is influenced by the  Sedona Method which we have used for over 7 years, however, we have modified core aspects of it since according to our research (over 6,000 participants), other scientific processes to achieve even deeper results changes were needed. This process asks three simple questions to clear negative or positive beliefs.

The Simply Success Method adds ways to deal with resistance, numbness, the 3 levels of emotion and the core wants we have. The advanced levels deal with permanently ending emotional patterns much faster than any other method we’re aware of.

The Simply Success Method (Level 1) looks like this (you can try this right now if you like):

Please note: the choice and use of words in these statements is deliberate and there is a boat load of scientific research about how and why, for now please use the statements as given for best results.

Feel as fully as you can the emotions you wish to clear- imagine a specific instance of that feeling, for example: anger or disappointment

Ask Can I allow myself to feel this more deeply? Y/N

Ask yourself the question again once or twice, if you need to. Welcome the feeling. We’re going to let it go, but for now, welcome it. You are safe and protected always.

Next ask Could I release totally XX? Y/N. Say you response out loud. Either answer is OK. Whatever is true for you in this moment.

Next ask Would I release totally of XX? Y/N. Again, whatever is true for you right now.

Then ask When would I release totally of this? Now / Later.

Go around a few more times. Notice if you feel lighter. Or if other emotions arise, if they are stronger than the first emotion. Clear them with the same formula. For very deep or traumatic patterns, there may be up to 3 levels of emotion, for example, at first anger, then sadness say and then maybe anger again or another emotion.

This process can clear emotions you can’t even give a name to. You can clear physical feelings as well.

The 4 Wants that we all have as living beings boils down to this:

We want approval, or recognition, security or control. If you hit a really stubborn pattern, ask what you WANT or NEED from that situation: approval, control, security or recognition? Then, using the same questions release the need for that emotion.

The whole point of the process is that we are learning to choose our responses to life situations. In time we clear the need to respond to circumstances in a particular way. This freedom is a magnificent place in which to raise your inner vibration.

Part 2 – Removing Emotional Patterns

Dealing with long standing patterns is challenging. These are things that keep showing up in our life. For example, in most relationships similar issues show up again and again. Or behaviors we return to almost like a “second skin”, that we may not even be aware of. These deep patterns also need to be cleared. This topic is covered only in our coaching and training programs, since it requires initial guidance by a trained facilitator.

Part 3 – Inserting The New

Inserting new values or deleting positives is a more subtle topic. To give you an idea: If you could choose to be happy for the rest of your life would you? Now, I imagine you said “Yes” to that right? However, it is a very subtle trap. Because what if by choosing this level of happiness you are throwing away the possibility of an even greater level of peace? There is nothing wrong whatsoever with positive emotions like acceptance, happiness, joy or peace.

They are great signals that we’re moving in the right direction. But they are subtle traps since it’s so nice to get stuck there.

That’s where having a powerful mission statement to go beyond our own level of contentment to a much deeper, richer sense of fulfillment is the key to a fully developed life.

Inserting new values needs to be done carefully. Think of it like this: let’s say you’ve cleared your garden. The fresh earth is ready and waiting for new life to spring forth. We would like a whole range of plants and flowers to give us joy throughout the year. But we plant a type of wild rose, that has a beautiful smell and a delightful flower. This type of rose then takes over our garden and chokes all the other plants.

Only with care can we insert new values, things like:

  • Allowing myself to accept more abundance
  • Allowing myself to forgive myself and others more
  • Allowing myself to be more aware
  • Allowing myself to be more grateful

These are all good choices since they are positive and “open ended” they don’t subtly block you in. This part 3 of the Simply Success Method is best done after completing mastery of part 2. Which is way, again to ensure you get the best result, some initial guidance is strongly recommended. There is now way to harm yourself with this method-however, to get the most out of it, guidance is recommended. After all, when you go to the gym, you generally get some assistance with the equipment, right? Same thing here. This is your mental and emotional gym. Start right to get the best results.

Level 2 – Compassion & Consistency

There is plenty of unkindness in the world. I’m sure if you’ve been through struggles yourself, you may not have been kind to you, or others you care about. That comes from uncleared emotions, hence clearing is the first step. But to continue growing, we need to learn to forgive, be grateful and above all be kinder to ourselves and others. Imagine a world if everyone was just 10% kinder (however you measure that), what would that world be like? So let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Without consistency of action, change won’t happen or be lasting. It’s kind of like learning a new skill, let’s say high jump. Of course the first time you’re unlikely to be able to jump over the high bar. It takes consistent practice. If you start and practice for a few weeks then stop, and come back a year later, you won’t suddenly be able to jump the high bar. Life is the same.

The Result: Change

The beauty of this process is that change happens as a natural result you don’t need to do anything other than the previous steps. What will happen is you’ll get up one day, look back, even after a remarkably short time, and say “Wow! I’ve changed so much since then!” How do we know this? Because it’s the same story everyone has, no matter what you do, as long as it’s something aligned with improving you.

However, in this day and age we both addicted to complexity (if it is not complex we tend to disbelieve it) and at the same time we won’t do something unless it’s simple. Hence, the 5 Simply Success Steps. They’re compexity-free and simple to practice and succeed with. Guaranteed. Really. If you use this process, you’re life will change for the better. But it takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s so worth it.

In the end, the goal is to feel lighter, laugh more, live deeply and fulfilled. Our commitment to you is to provide the best tools to help you free that reality within you.