Clarity = Money

Supercharge your Sales & Marketing. Leave Your Competition Wide-eyed and Wetting their Pants! Oh, and more money rolling into your bank account.

Do you or your team need to:

  • Understand your product range?
  • Be able to clearly state product benefits?
  • Understand and Overcome Perceived Competitor Strengths?
  • Increase Customer Retention?
  • Increase Repeat Business Rates in any Economy?

Corporate & Group rates available - Min Pax: 15. Max: room size limit

What's special about this course?

  • This course is designed to build winning sales teams, which includes your support teams, such as accounts, HR, marketing and more besides. Successful selling is a team activity.
  • Most sales people defeat themselves by thinking price matters or that the competitors have better products. The secret of sales is value. This course uses your product material and literature for your team to build an unbeatable value proposition for your clients. They will want to buy, rather than need to be sold to. Your value proposition will stand out so your competitor's offerings are irrelevant.
  • Learn to operate as a team, be accountable for wins and losses to meet overall sales targets.

How will I benefit by attending?

  • Clear understanding of all products and services from the company
  • Clear ability to describe the value proposition for the potential buyer
  • Being comfortable to express the value proposition with one person or many
  • Handle all common objections to buying and be able to work around them

Course Outline

Day 1 Day 2
Introduction – Sales Objectives Review Review of previous days learnings & Team Presentations & Objecting Handling
Current Value Propositions Presentation of (randomly selected) products of the company
Group Coaching ~ Lunch ~
~ Lunch ~ Objection Handling (2) & Feedback
Presentation skills and overcoming fear of public speaking games & exercises Team Presentation of Products and Services & Feedback
Role play Objection Handling (1) Review of Lessons Learned

NOTE: This training is carried out in English. Course details may be altered at our discretion.

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